Pure Source Rotorua Thermal Mud Bath Salts

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Our skin soothing bath salts are based on the mineral content of Rotorua’s natural thermal pools and incorporate locally harvested Thermal Mud. The added Mud detoxifies and draws out impurities from the skin, while the blend of salts eases the muscles and can be beneficial for treating various skin conditions. Soak and enjoy a relaxing mind and body experience while absorbing all of the wonderful properties these salts offer.

Skin type(s): Suitable for all skin types.



Mud baths and therapies have been popular for thousands of years. It is believed that mud has anti-inflammatory properties, so soaking in mud with its amazing minerals can help to relieve aches and muscle pains, as well as providing deep cleansing benefits.

Pure Source sources Rotorua Thermal Mud directly from the local, natural, thermal environment. Surrounded by numerous hot thermal springs, thermal geysers and boiling mud, the healing wonders of Rotorua Thermal Mud are numerous and world renowned. It is a unique product as it is only present in a small part of the world where the thermal activity connects with the surrounding native environment, and it differs from other mud products due to its very high mineral content, giving it superb cleansing qualities. Trace elements including Sulphur, Calcium, Sodium and Silicon combine with Manuka plants surrounding the mud pools add to the fineness and highly anti-sceptic properties, giving it superb cleansing and exfoliating qualities.


Sprinkle at least one tablespoon into your bathtub filled with warm water and soak. For beautiful, soft skin, dry off and moisturise.


  • Sodium Chloride
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Rotorua Thermal Mud
  • Sulphur (Flowers of Sulphate)
  • Copper Sulphate (Natural source)

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