Launched on a lavender farm in Auckland, Lissom’s mission and passion is to meet the diverse beauty needs of New Zealanders as well as people all around the world by delivering professional, holistic spa and wellness offerings ranging from clinical grade, effective treatments to those that centre on sensory delight and mindfulness.

The brainchild of skincare and wellness industry alumni Michelle and Lydia, Lissom is a brand whose motto for all that we do is: It's all about you.

We created Lissom for ourselves, and we wish to share our brand with those who, like us, love beauty, enjoy taking care of their appearance, and are in need of effective, professional-grade and practical products ranging from natural to clinical strength that one can turn to time and time again.

Launching in January 2019, we started the Lissom skincare and aromatherapy range for those who, like us, enjoy looking after their skin and want to reap the best benefits inside and out from a daily at-home regimen. 

Broadening Lissom's reach to encompass the holistic beauty and wellness space is Lissom Spa & Beauty, an eight-treatment room premises with a hair salon, retail store, nail and lash bar offering facials, massages, body shaping, and more. As a ‚Äėone-stop shop for all things beauty‚Äô, Lissom Spa & Beauty is New Zealand‚Äôs one-and-only destination where you can get a full nail, hair and body makeover, and shop at the same time.

Alongside the consumer and professional ranges we stock in-spa, we retail skin, hair, nail and wellness products online as well and invite you to bring the medi-spa experience home with you.


The beauty of beauty is that it is a confidence booster: it makes you feel good.

We talked amongst ourselves on what ‚Äúbeauty‚ÄĚ is in our eyes when starting Lissom Beauty, and agreed that it is so empowering to prioritise the act of self-care. Whether it be through skincare, haircare, makeup or wellness, it's so important to put time into you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with investing energy in your beauty routine, and you should take pride in that process. We all have things we're trying to work on loving a bit more, but embrace our natural beauty and try our best to take care of our appearance because it makes us feel good !

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