Abyssian Revitalising Rinsing Mist 250ml

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A light, uplifting mist that keeps your hair soft and conditioned without weighing it down? The stuff of legends? Not anymore.  Harnessing a time-honored traditional Japanese beauty ritual of using fermented rice water as a hair rinse,  we’ve unlocked the secret to a youthful, full-bodied mane. Let the abyssian Revitalising Rinsing Mist be the last water to touch your hair and protect it from harsh tap water chemicals. Provide instant volume and enable the hair to grow full whilst maintaining its original color. 

  • Ancient Japanese fermented rice water hair rinse
  • Rebalance pH. Counteracts tap water chemicals
  • Add volume and support scalp health
  • 30% reduction in grey hair density
  • 99% natural / plant-based ingredients

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