Mukti Organics is an Australian-made, certified vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, Inspired by Nature™. Mukti aim to encompass sustainable, ethical and organic principles in their approach to skincare and beyond, selecting ingredients based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety. The formulas in each of their products do not contain any fillers, however do fuse naturally-occurring ingredients such as native Australian extracts of berries, nuts, roots, leaves and seeds with bioactive peptides – lab-made peptides that aim to be the ‘active’ ingredients in their formulations.

Mukti’s Organics' certification has been awarded by COSMOS and ACO, meaning that selected ingredients are grown and harvested ethically and minimally so that the integrity of the plant is maintained. The brand's formulations contain bioactive native Australian extracts that are brimming with an abundance of naturally occurring polyphenols vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that guarantee tailored results. 

Mukti Organics believes that skincare regimes need to cater to the individual and adapted according to environment, health and the seasons. The condition of the skin is constantly changing, and so we encourage our skincare professionals to keep a bespoke approach to their client’s needs at any given time. 



Mukti has been actively involved in the beauty and personal care industry for over two decades. Her varied career has encompassed a common thread focusing on health and wellness, and her aim is to reconnect people to nature, creating health and happiness via toxin-free lifestyles and beauty regimes.

An apothecary artisan at heart, Mukti has mastered the process of creating dynamic, organic and natural beauty formulations. Her internationally-acclaimed and award-winning products combine functional, plant-based ingredients with indigenous Australian actives, nature identical vitamins and peptides that deliver results by boosting skin health, vitality and youthfulness.

An active participant in cultural odysseys, with a penchant for travel and earthy sensibility, Mukti resides with her partner in Byron Bay where they run a health and fitness studio, "Health is For Life", in the Habitat Lifestyle Complex.

She regularly visits the brand headquarters based in Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to work with her team, visit her daughters, and take in the beautiful surrounds.


Our eponymous brand name originates from Sanskrit and means to liberate oneself from fear, ignorance and false knowledge. In Hindi, it means to be reborn. Since inception, the brand has had many evolutions with an ultimate goal to encapsulate the finest quality skincare ingredients, Inspired by Nature™.

This philosophy underpins our actions and approach to encompass sustainable, ethical and organic principles in everything that we do. Our ingredients are selected based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety and are used in viable percentages. We believe in potency as opposed to label claims. Our concentrated formulas do not contain fillers.


Independent third party certification by COSMOS and ACO assures that our products have been produced in a manner that's ecologically sustainable and harmonious. Our ingredients are source from a small network of suppliers that we have forged long-term relationships with and who we trust. Each certified organic ingredient is grown and harvested ethically and minimally so that the integrity of the plant is maintained delivering potency, quality and ultimately, visible results. 

External auditing is conducted annually and guarantees absolute ingredient compliance and transparency. No synthetic chemicals, processes or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients have been used in our certified organic product lines.


The small berries, nuts, roots, leaves and seeds of our indigenous flora pack a powerful punch with incredibly high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients essential for the nourishment and regeneration of skin cells. Indigenous plants have learnt to adapt and withstand the harsh Australian climatic conditions, and as a result, are potent receptacles and storehouses brimming with an abundance of bioactive constituents.

An advanced extraction method that is deployed allow us to maximise the beneficial and age-defying properties unique to each extract. The integrity and delicate balance between the cell environment and the liquid medium into which the plant extracts are dispersed, encapsulates their bioactive compounds without degrading or disrupting the plant biomatrix. A botanical extract in its purest form should mimicry the true blueprint of a plant so that the phytoactive compounds and derivatives are presented in a delivery system that is stable, potent and multifunctional. 


Peptides are short chain amino acids that naturally occur in the skin and act as messengers. When topically applied, they can send a signal to regulate and produce new collagen, leading to the appearance of younger, more supple skin. Peptides can also act to strengthen other proteins in our skin such as keratin and elastin.

Some peptides have demonstrated a remarkable skin smoothing and nourishing effect, while others can improve the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness, and soften the look of expression lines. They play a key role in skin healing and counteract the visible signs of ageing and damage from pollutants and free radicals.

Individual peptides can communicate a different skincare task such as improving skin colour, hydration, firming skin or making new fibroblasts. When synergistically combined, and used in conjunction with other key actives, their age-defying benefits are amplified.


Our violet glass packaging protects our formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light.  Biophotonic glass assists with maintaining product efficacy and protects the formulations over an extended period. It is the most optimal form of packaging currently available.  


Our face, body and hair care products are independently certified Vegan and by Choose Cruelty Free in Australia. Our raw materials are not tested on animals. Our Bioactive Collagen Booster is derived from marine collagen and is a by-product of sustainable fishing.


Above and beyond organic certification, we conduct a stringent internal auditing process for all raw materials received. They must be active, viable and used in concentrations that are results driven as opposed to label claims.


Mukti Organics is sold exclusively in skin clinics, treatment-led establishments and concept stores. Carrying a niche range of products, Mukti Organics is not a mass market brand and only partners only with brands who share the same ethos. 

Mukti Organics is Made in Australia, vegan friendly, cruelty free, COSMOS and ACO certified.