Supporting Women Experiencing Domestic Violence: A Kia Kaha Box x Lissom Partnership

Kia Kaha Box

For every purchase of $60 or more made on from Friday 22 May, 2020 until Friday 29 May, 2020, Lissom is donating 1 Lissom Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask to Kia Kaha Box, which is bringing joy in the form of a little gift box to women in safe houses and refuges across New Zealand.

Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask Lissom

We admire what they stand for, and, despite wishing that we could give each of the ladies a big hug during what must be a very challenging time, we hope that the inclusion of a Lissom skincare goodie in some of the boxes will bring a smile to these women's faces.

"Latest statistics show that on average, every night, 201 women and children needed a safe space to sleep, as one in three women in New Zealand will experience domestic violence and abuse, causing many of them to have to flee their homes for the safety of both them and their children. [The] majority of these women would have left everything behind; they won’t have any home comforts or anything that is their own.

"The Kia Kaha Box has been designed to bring a little bit of joy back with an added bit of love and happiness, with gift boxes being distributed around safe houses and refuges in New Zealand."

- Kia Kaha Box

Kia Kaha Box

We encourage you to view their Facebook and Instagram pages if you would like to find out more and potentially work with them too.