Esthemax Collagen Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask (Single)

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Rejuvenate skin and deliver a refreshing pick-me-up with this advanced hydrolysed collagen treatment. Esthemax's Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks contain hydrolysed collagen and adenosine to stimulate skin cells, amplify collagen production, improve skin firmness, and plump up skin. The 100% natural biodegradable biocellulose mask deeply infuses and locks beneficial ingredients into skin.

Recommended for all skin types to address signs of ageing.


Use in AM or PM. Start by cleansing and toning face before application, as this process helps prepare skin to absorb the potent ingredients that will follow in the next step. Apply mask to face for 10-15 minutes. After time is completed, dispose mask and conclude with moisturiser.

This product is a single sheet mask only; it also is available in a box of 10 sheet masks.

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