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Chloe Zara Travel Essentials Set

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Chloe Zara Travel Essentials Set is a premium travel kit designed to be the perfect introduction to the Chloe Zara range. The set includes the essential products you need for the complete Chloe Zara ritual, ensuring you enjoy the same luxurious experience on the go.  
Here's what you'll find in this collection:  
*Silk Hair Wash - 50ml  
*Silk Hair Condition - 50ml  
*Glossifying Hair Mist - 50ml  
*Hair Creme - 15ml  
*Hair Perfume Oil - 5ml    
You can refill your minis using the full-sized products. 
Use as per directions specified for each product.
Limited Edition Summer Packaging    
To celebrate the summer season, we've collaborated with the talented local artist, Ophelia Jones, to create a limited-edition holiday packaging for our Travel Essentials.   
This limited-edition travel set has been created in partnership with Northland-based multi-disciplinary artist, Ophelia Jones. Ophelia's practise centres around her love for the ocean and nature. Living near the sea she braids storytelling and chance encounters into her work using mediums of photography and drawing.    
Ophelia created these drawings by using three brushes at once, mimicking the rolling waves of both ocean and hair. The wave motif signifies the artist's connection to the ocean and a nod to the Greek mythological goddess Atargatis. Atargatis was said to be the goddess of the moon, fertility and water. She was depicted as having long, flowing hair like the water, and represented as half woman, half fish.  

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