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Aspect Dr Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser 50g

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Restore a clear, balanced, and refined complexion with this incredible multitasker. Specifically formulated to address skin congestion, enlarged pores and blemish-prone skin, the Aspect Dr Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser delivers feather-light hydration while supporting a healthy skin microbiome.

Aspect Dr Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser is housed in an airless pump to maintain the integrity of the ingredients which also helps to avoid contamination and oxidisation.

With clinically proven active ingredients, this clarifying moisturiser works with your skin’s natural biology to balance oil levels while combating the visible signs of ageing.


• LPA (Lysophosphatidic acid) | Strengthens skin barrier and visibly reduces pores. 
• Polylysine and peptides | Supports healthy skin microbiome, reinforces barrier and prevents dead skin buildup. 
• Red clover flower extract | Provides an astringent pore refining effect. 
• Xylitol and Hyaluronic acid | Delivers immediate and long-lasting hydration to the skin. 


•  Targets skin congestion 
•  Rebalances oil levels in the skin 
•  Minimises the appearance of enlarged pores 
•  Immediate and long-lasting skin hydration
•  Supports a healthy skin microbiome 

Recommended for:

•  Open pores 
•  Oily / Combination skin 
•  Impaired skin barrier
•  Sensitive skin
•  Dehydrated skin

MADE WITHOUT: Synthetic Fragrance, Animal products, SLS, Parabens

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