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Ashley & Co Bonberry Washup All-Over Body Wash 500ml (Limited Edition)

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Transform a rinse into a ritual – Wash, nourish and restore with an everyday body wash and bathing staple. Formulated especially for the body (not just the hands), this extra silky wash glides effortlessly over the skin while nourishing and cleansing.

Loaded with nature’s finest botanicals of Harakeke, Aloe Vera and Ginger to cleanse and revive skin from tip to toe. Crushed Geranium leaves and Distilled Davana dance with over-ripe Berries and Lychee, creating a fruitful composition. Musk Blossom’s woody undertones deliver warmth and spice which is oh-so nice. Bonberry is très bon. 

500ml, PH balanced

Scent Profile:

  • Wild Berries
  • Musk Blossoms
  • Distilled Davana
  • Geranium
  • Lychee

Made in New Zealand

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