Fusio-Dose by Kérastase: The Secret to Glossy, Shiny Hair

Is your hair feeling sad?

Like even though you visit your stylist on a regular schedule, you come away feeling your hair could still be happier?

Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose is your answer.


What is it?

Fusio-Dose is a tailored, high-performance in-salon hair treatment that combines highly concentrated care formulas with powerful boosters which take instant action and deliver immediate results. Forming 20 different combinations of revitalising hair saviours, it can treat both primary and secondary hair concerns in a single application.

The range consists of a choice of 4 concentrates, which contain powerful active ingredients for your primary haircare needs.

1. Oleo-Fusion Concentre for dry hair: Adding deep nutrition, softness and shine.

2. Pixelist Concentre for coloured hair: Adding shine, luminosity and colour protection.

3. Vita-Ciment Concentre for weakened, brittle hair: Adding resistancy, reconstructing and restoring hair.

4. Densifique Concentre for thinning hair: Adding texture and density to hair.

Upon selecting the most suitable concentrate for your hair's needs, this is then blended with 1 of 5 boosters, which are concentrated care formulas that look after your secondary haircare needs.

1. Nourishment Booster for dry hair: Delivers 3 times more nourishment.

2. Radiance Booster for coloured hair: Gives 5 times more radiance and locks in colour.

3. Reinforcing Booster for weakened, brittle hair: Provides instant vitality and 50% less breakage when blow drying.

4. Densifying Booster for thinning hair: Adds instant texture and gives more bounce and body to the fibres of the hair.

5. Manageability Booster for unruly hair: Supplies 72 hours of anti frizz protection and leaves hair instantly smoother and more manageable.

Fusio Dose - Lissom Spa & Beauty - Kerastase

How does it work?

After having a consultation with your hairdresser and determining what your primary and secondary hair care needs are; your hairdresser will select the appropriate concentrate and booster and mix these together to create your personally prescribed hair fix.

Fusio Dose Basin Kerastase

Why is it for me?

No matter what your problem, this treatment has the solution and will leave your hair feeling healthier for weeks.

It’s a hair care beauty “shot” which will suit the woman on-the-go who wants wants healthier hair, achieved in literally less than 5 minutes when you're in the salon. 

How much is it?

At Lissom Spa & Beauty, one Fusio-Dose In-Salon Treatment is available for $79.

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