5 Reasons to Love Lissom's Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask

Many may cringe when they hear the word "moist," but when it comes to moisturisers we've got nothing but love for those jars and bottles of decadent goop. It is the final step of a skincare routine for many women, some of whom are already blessed with smooth, clear, glowing skin; others are not so lucky. Skin is plagued with bumps, lines and spots from harsh weather conditions experienced during the day, especially under the strong New Zealand sun. And when bedtime comes, it is time for us to switch off and let our skin to repair overnight. And so we turn to skincare for help.

Enter the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask  a rose pink, lightweight mask that was formulated with all seasons and skin types (including sensitive skin) in mind. Looking for a multi-tasking product, we trialled the mask on friends and acquaintances before launching, and also tested it on our own skin in its various sleepless / jetlagged / hungover / summer-cold-ridden forms during the winter months last year.

Developed with a team of cosmetic chemists at one of New Zealand's leading skincare manufacturers, the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask is basically a gel moisturiser (coined a “sleeping mask” by many South Korean skincare brands because it is usually applied before bed), formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid to instantly nourish your complexion while providing long-term payoff. We have the belief that beautiful, truly healthy and youthful-looking skin needs sleep, and the joys of our sleeping mask is that it encourages you to take time out at the end of a busy day, relax, and enjoy the nightly ritual of applying a pillow-proof formula that absorbs into skin and hydrates it overnight. (No, your pillow and sheets will not get stained as it is virtually colourless when applied.)

Sounds too good to be true? We think not. With just over 1,000 masks sold worldwide in the first six weeks after our launch in the middle of a lavender field in Auckland, here are some of the reasons why. 

  1. A sleeping mask that is suitable for all skin types

Sleeping masks are a lot of fun – the term “sleeping” is, contrary to the word “moist,” probably one of the happiest words that one can come across in the English dictionary. But, as with almost any type of skincare product, you want to ensure you select a sleeping mask made with your skin type in mind, especially if you have sensitive skin. That’s because certain ingredients can cause sensitivities to heighten and make skin feel inflamed and irritated.

With this in mind, whilst formulating we were mindful to shy away from using essential oils that were most likely to irritate, and carefully select ingredients that were Environmental Working Group-friendly (i.e. safe and non-toxic) and in line with our brand values.

Hyaluronic acid is one of those ingredients that can benefit all skin types, however sensitive skin in particular can see some major advantages from using the ingredient due to its hydrating and soothing properties. The other is rose water distilled from the petals of New Zealand-grown Damask roses, which makes up for a sizeable proportion of the formulation, and is known for its healing, anti-ageing and aromatic properties that all skins can enjoy. Other mentionable ingredients bottled within the pink jars include evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate seed oil and willow bark and green tea extract, all of which we formulated hoping that they would be somewhat more interesting and bring the spa home to users regardless of skin type.

This mask can be applied all over the face after cleansing, toning and using the Youth Activate Renewal Serum – either a pea-sized amount or two large spatula scoops would work depending on how your skin feels. You can even use it as a “moisture boost” mask by layering a thick jello-like layer for 15 minutes, and store it in the fridge during hot days to freshen up skin. Seriously, check back in the mirror after 15 minutes and this stuff would already working miracles: hydrating, brightening, and plumping up your skin right before your eyes.

    Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask - Lissom

    1. It is choc-full of effective ingredients to unclog pores, diminish fine lines and smooth skin texture.

    Sleeping with the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask is an excellent way to target and treat specific skin concerns such as reducing dryness, inflammation and redness, as the sleeping mask is formulated with a blend of 8 botanical extracts and oils and magical actives hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to fine-tune skin’s texture.

    Micro-fine, whipped hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, penetrating deep into the skin epidermis and keeping “winter face” at bay. And if you don’t like having a multi-step skin care routine, this exfoliating moisturiser tackles both steps in one go due to the two alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) contained within.

    What are AHAs? Well, they are basically a group of naturally occurring “fruit acids” that can be found in food, and work by loosening the glue-like substance that holds dull and dead skin cells on the topmost layer of your skin, revealing renewed, healthier skin. It also stimulates new cell generation, improving skin texture, tone and creating a brighter complexion. 

    If you’re familiar with how most AHAs work, you’re probably familiar with the potential side effects. From redness and inflammation to dryness and flakiness, AHAs can do a number on your skin – that is, if you overdo it or have sensitive skin and use the wrong type of AHA.

    By using lactic acid (a milder AHA) as the main AHA ingredient, Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask reduces the chance of a skin reaction. That’s because lactic acid molecules are slightly larger, so they’re a little gentler on your skin. We added a very low percent of glycolic acid (a sugarcane derivative) too, which has a small molecular size and therefore penetrates the skin easily, in order to resurface skin for a clearer, smoother complexion and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. With continuous use, glycolic acid can actually accelerate skin healing and reduce signs of environmental damage.

    1. Superior ingredients, starring the highly coveted Damask rose

    Yes, many of the benefits of the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask come from actives hyaluronic acid and AHAs, but that’s not the only factor to consider. The sleeping mask works because of the superior quality of ingredients—like purified, unneutralized lactic acid and pure, filtered New Zealand water. And when the active ingredients are blended with botanicals, the result is a potent formula that soothes the skin instead of irritating it.

    1. It improves skin over time.

    What’s better than a weekly treatment that soothes the skin? One that can stay on overnight and be used on a nightly basis! Skin’s optimal period for repairing itself is between 10am and 4pm, and whilst you sleep this jar sets to work, plumping fine lines and exfoliating to reveal brighter, healthier skin. Over time with regular use, it can help diminish redness, irritation and promote a smoother complexion to boot.

    Feedback from users indicates that they love what this sleeping mask does for their appearance, both instantly and with use over at least a couple of months to see results. “I’ve literally just used serum and night mask for 2 days in a row and it’s already feeling so smooth and soft”, says one Miss World New Zealand finalist, whereas another who has super-sensitive skin and rosacea claims it is cooling on skin during the summer months. We have received great feedback about the scent, the texture and applicability, and we look forward to seeing our product withstand the test of time.


    Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask - Lissom

    1. It can be used day or night (or both).

    Unlike other AHA products, the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask doesn’t make your skin more sensitive to the sun. While this doesn’t mean you can go out during the day without SPF lotion, it does mean you can choose where to insert it into your skin care routine—whether that’s day, night or both. “I use this mostly at night after cleansing and toning,” one user said, “but on afternoons when I need an extra moisture boost I keep it in the fridge, layer the gel all over my face, and lie down and chill for 15 minutes.”

    At the end of the day, we recommend that you listen to your skin and decide on your own skin rules, and assess the products that you are using and whether or not they “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo would say. A comprehensive skincare routine may not be for everyone, but at the end of the day, you should ask yourself whether your products are doing the work that’s required to maintain your skin’s health from the start to finish of each day.


    Thank you for reading! We invite you to try the Rose Moisture Boost Sleeping Mask (RRP $68) and receive 10% off your first order using code WELCOME10 if you haven't yet purchased one of our products on lissombeauty.com .

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