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The precious elixir treasured by all women who demand the best in cellular cosmetics, for a powerful and incomparable glow.


CellLift Serum is the quintessence of cellular technology, a potently effective formula that targets dulled skin that has lost volume* and fullness. The exceptional synergy of the stabilised cellular extracts (10%) with expertly selected, high-performance ingredients plumps* skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Not only does it revitalise skin, but its delightfully fluid texture glides on easily, bringing out the full beauty of your complexion.
The formulation contains active stabilised bio-integral cells, an expert Hyaluron complex and Aloe Ferox. Cellcosmet's CellLift Serum is much more than just an anti-aging serum. Live cells and high performance active ingredients are captured in a unique elixir designed to plump, smooth, fill and relax the skin. This innovative synergy of precious ingredients prevents wrinkles and ensures optimum anti-aging results.
  • Immediate plumping effect
  • Visible smoothing
  • Long-lasting ultra-tightening effect
  • Lasting revitalizing effect
  • Dermo-relaxing effect / Wrinkle corrector
  • Provides immediate action that increases with each use for spectacular results.
  • For women aged 35+; Morning and evening, throughout the year, as a complement to the Cellcosmet cellular cream best suited to your skin’s physiological age and sensitivity. 
  • For women aged 30-35; Use only as your skin needs; as little as a few times a year, or as much as everyday, depending on your skin's needs. 

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