Cellcosmet Body Emulsion 500ml


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Experience a light, comforting moment of relaxation with this revitalising cellular formula for the body.

Body Emulsion is a lotion with stabilised cellular extracts (4.65%) to revitalise and moisturise* the skin, protecting it from external elements and reducing the visible signs of premature skin ageing. The rich, non-greasy lotion has a texture that slides deliciously over your skin, leaving it soft and silky to the touch and giving you a feeling of well-being that lasts all day.

This emulsion is recommended from age 20, for all skin types, as a daily revitalising and moisturising* skincare product for the body.

500ml (Professional Size)


Use the body emulsion in the morning and / or evenings, ideally after showering or bathing. Focus on dry areas such as the elbows, knees and backs of hands.

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