FILLMED 5HP-Youth Cream 250ml


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Regenerating Effect – Hydrates – Nourishes

5HP Youth Cream is an anti-ageing 24h cream for normal to dry skin that visibly diminishes fine lines and gives a firmer skin with lustre. Contains NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor) with 53 active ingredients and hyaluronic acid that improves skin quality. Hydroxyproline, found naturally in our skin, stimulates the formation of collagen and reduces visible signs of ageing, while provitamin B5 counteracts and treats dry skin. 

  • Anti-aging 24 hour cream.
  • Reduces fine lines and gives firmer skin with lustre.
  • Contains NCTF and hydroxyproline.


Key ingredients 

Hydroxyproline, Pro-vitamin B5 1%, Oleo complex (Argan oil, mango butter)

Suitable for normal to dry skin. Avoid if highly sensitive


A customised product range with high concentrations of active ingredients that addresses specific problems. This professional series is sold exclusively by trained skin therapists at selected clinics.


Use after cleansing and toning daily. Apply a coin-sized amount and massage into the skin in circular motions. 

Combine with any FILLMED serum to further tailor your skin care routine.

Note: This is a complex product and if you have not used these products before, please ask the advice of your chosen skin care professional before purchase.

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