Brand Set Up and Product Development

We specialise in building quality brands and setting up businesses within the FMCG, beauty and wellness categories for success. Native in English and Chinese, we work with you to navigate export opportunities to China, and help build supplier relationships that stem beyond a transactional one-off effort.

We are big "do-ers", not just strategic thinkers: at any stage of the business lifecycle, we can sit with you and plan out next steps that can be implemented effectively. Specialties include branding, R&D, new product ideation and development through to launch, supplier negotiation, distribution set up, and overall project and programme implementation. 

Contract Manufacturing

We partner with some of the leading manufacturers for packaging, ingredient sourcing, OEM and contract manufacturing. We only work with the best ingredients, ethically sourced and manufactured, and meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices and within strict timelines.

Marketing and Sales Consulting

When it boils right down to it, we are marketing partners. That demands a whole lot of knowledge, creativity, and an ability to maximise opportunities. 

We work closely with the management, sales and marketing teams of our retail and distribution partners to understand your unique brand values and optimise product listings, promotions, space management and performance. We can get into the nitty gritty of assisting with copywriting, collateral and product design, pricing, market research and event management, or can act as a sounding board to advise on how marketing can be applied in your brand's context.

We are well-versed in overseeing all above- and below-the-line marketing activities in English and Chinese. Advertising and promotions span print, digital, social (Facebook & Instagram) and Chinese digital (WeChat, Skykiwi and Taobao) platforms.

Retail and Merchandising

We take pride in making a difference for the brands we represent both offline and online. Achieving great sales for beauty, wellness and FMCG brands is similar to any product in terms of the value of a persuasive pitch, however it is also hugely product sample-focused, requiring in-depth knowledge of market trends and ingredients. Your sales team needs to be able to speak intelligently and eloquently about the ingredients and formulations. How the product looks is important, but what it actually does (and how) is even more so and we communicate this to the end consumer.

We offer offline and online retail channels for New Zealand and overseas brands, using Vend for real-time point-of-sales and inventory management. In some instances, our unique business model also enables end customers to purchase online and have their orders fulfilled directly from our suppliers, eliminating us as the middleman for order fulfillment.

International Distribution and Logistics

We partner with 3PL distribution companies to provide customised warehouse, nationwide haulage, international shipping and distribution network solutions for a variety of perishable goods with varying shelf life. Our distribution and logistics partners enable us to provide a responsive service, with only the highest SLAs, delivery efficiency and overall performance.

We also take onboard quality brands to distribute nationwide and overseas. 


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