1. What is special about FILLMED?

    Department store brands and general skincare brands are made for the mass market, where actives could be incredibly minimal to inhibit any type of response or reaction. Fillmed contains clinically proven actives that create change and fasten up skin renewal. This is why they need to be recommended by a professional. Mass market brands might instantly make the skin feel better but it’s a very short-term fix as opposed to long term. FILLMED's aim is to introduce you to an holistic, professional skincare regiment to treat and prevent alongside cosmeceutical treatments that help you to see results.

  2. Will the use of these skincare serums speed up results of Ultherapy treatments?

    A proper skincare regime is recommended for better patient outcome. Good cleanser, serums, hydration and sunscreen is the best regime. AA – Lift serum should be bundled in all Ultherapy treatments.

  3. Which products contain active ingredients?

    They all contain actives, however the serums are essential to change within skin. They pinpoint certain skin challenges. The serums that can be used after Ultherapy treatment are the HA-B5 Hydra serum and the AA lift Serum. The 5HP Youth cream can also be used safely.

  4. How long does the skincare need to be used for in order for me to see results?

    With serums you will see improvement in the skin within four weeks; for the overall skincare range, best results are 12 weeks as seen in clinical trials. Because the skin needs time to regenerate, you must give time to see true results. We always suggest that before and after pics are essential to your skincare journey, so you can chart the changes in your skin at four weeks then 12 weeks.