Coronavirus and your Lissom Spa & Beauty Visit at Alert Level 3.2 (10 November, 2021)

COVID Update for Level 3.2

Our nurse Michelle O is available on Tuesdays commencing 16 November onwards between 10am-6pm to administer botulinum toxin for the upper face and jawline and Profhilo treatment only, in accordance with the Ministry of Health's strict guidelines. We welcome those who are two weeks past their second COVID19 vaccination to book a 15-minute top-up now.

Can we please kindly ask all customers to observe the following protocols Lissom Spa & Beauty is putting in place:

1. Proof of double vaccination required:  All of our team working are fully vaccinated, and we kindly request that customers who attend to Lissom Spa & Beauty only do so if they are too to protect ourselves and others as much as possible. In confirming a booking with our nurse, we ask that you email the spa at evidence of being fully vaccinated at least 48 hours prior to your booking, or your booking will have to be cancelled.  Once the vaccine passport is available this will be used instead.

An example of your vaccination confirmation can be obtained from the COVID19 website here (LINK). See below image for an example of the screenshot to be provided, or a photo of your COVID19 vaccination card would be adequate.

2. Your visit to Lissom Spa & Beauty: We will require all guests to sign in using the COVID Tracer App, advise the reception immediately upon arrival, and wear their mask throughout their visit to Lissom Spa & Beauty and where possible during their treatment. Visits are limited to 15 minute sessions only. We ask that all guests be mindful of personal space and keep a 2m distance from other staff members. 

3. Our protocols during level 3.2: We will adhere to our normal high standards of hygiene, disinfecting and sanitising in between appointments, and ensure that there is a minimum 15 minute gap in between customers.

We appreciate that some of you may have chosen not to vaccinate, and we respect your choice.  While we understand that if we get to 3.3 we may be able to see unvaccinated guests, based on the higher proportion of COVID in the community that are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and the risk that poses to our team and their families, we will be taking bookings from fully vaccinated guests only. We understand this may disappoint some guests and apologise for this, but as a business that has been closed for close to three months we need to take the steps appropriate to get open, and protect our team and our business - we hope you respect this decision like we respect yours.

Thank you very much for all your support.