Q&A with Bex Hunt of The Beauty Hunt

Launching go-to beauty guide THE BEAUTY HUNT in 2019 in Auckland, Bex Hunt has a background in beauty spanning Auckland, Melbourne and London, and has worked at some of the most coveted pamper destinations, groomed it-girls and A-list celebrities, and experienced countless treatments over her colourful career. Now heading up The Beauty Hunt, she reviews beauty products and services with a real and honest approach. If her feedback about a particular henna brow tattoo clinic or facial oil is great, there is no doubt that her picks wouldn't be anything short of amazing.

Here, we sat down with Bex to conduct our first ever Q&A with her on all things beauty.


Why did you start up The Beauty Hunt?

Just for fun! I have been a beauty therapist for 12 years and am now home with my little ones; for me its a way to keep up to date with the beauty industry. I love hunting down the best beauty treatments and products so I thought why not have it all on one page. Hopefully my followers can find new and exciting beauty places and products, at the same time supporting some amazing NZ brands. 

Bex Hunt @thebeautyhunt_

Above: Bex Hunt reviews (from top to bottom): Before vs. after using the Revitalash Mascara @revitalashnewzealand ; Summer hair makeover @joshuascotthair ; QI beauty facial @facialalchemy 

Take us back to the beginning of your career. Where did you start, and what were some of your memorable experiences working in the beauty industry?

My  beauty career started at the College of Camille Newmarket straight after high school. From there I had many amazing experiences overseas, travelling, temping and working in some beautiful day spas and waxing boutiques. 

A couple of places I loved working were, firstly, Cowshed in Soho, London - a luxurious spa with dreamy country-style decor.  Specialising in relaxation, the salon offered the most amazing facials and massage with their own customised range. 
Above: The Cowshed in London's warm yet luxurious environment makes it a UK spa destination for stars including Elle Macpherson, Meghan Markle and the Jaggers.
Secondly, I loved Strip Wax Bar in Chelsea, London - a high-end waxing and lingerie boutique; the first waxing-only bar, leading the way in 2005. The decor was incredibly lush, with beautiful big chandeliers and a DVD to watch while clients waxed, making the usual mundane appointments a real treat. Once clients were feeling smooth, they could go downstairs and purchase high-end lingerie and swimwear. I had some of the world’s most well-known celebrities as clients while working in London.
Another highlight would be opening my own beauty business, Kempt, in Prahran, Melbourne 2014. Having my own beauty business was always a dream of mine and it was great to meld everything I had experienced, learnt and loved into my very own place. 
When I become pregnant with my son I had a very strong urge to come home to NZ to be close to family so had to close Kempt, unfortunately. If I had to pick a favourite treatment to give, It would have to be brows and spray tans. I love to see the instant results and confident boosts for clients and if I’m getting a treatment myself it’s a tie between a relaxation massage and trying the latest new trend!


Which treatment(s) are you hoping to try out next?

I would love to try a Vampire facial, and Sculptural face lifting massage next. But as soon as we are able to do so (after lockdown) I need the essentials ASAP: Hair, Nails, Brows!  

Vampire PRP Facial

Currently coveted by Bex: A vampire facial, which is a skin treatment involving PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and microdermabrasion. (Source: The Sun UK) 

What is a day in the life of your typical beauty routine (AM and PM) like?

My beauty routine is forever changing. I am always trying and testing new products.

In the morning I have been taking re skin supplements, and after cleansing apply serum/ facial oil, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF  followed by Revitalash and my make up routine.  

In the evening I always remove my make up (even if I am very tired), double cleanse, and apply serum/facial oil and eye cream. Once or twice week I will use a mask and exfoliate.

A few brands I am loving are Lissom, Rayna, Reskin, Revitalash, Pure Shade, Pure Fiji, Osmosis and Prologic.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is being happy, healthy and confident in your own skin. 

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