Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Big, Bold Beauty Routine.

Main image: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arriving at the State of the Union address with guest Ana Maria Archila. Photo credit: Joshua Roberts/Reuters.

US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discloses the steps to create her polished, professional look. Intelligence and a career in politics doesn’t stop you from having fun with fashion and lipstick too!

One of her unmissable standouts is her bold, stand-out lipstick:
“So one of the reasons why I even started wearing a red lip was when I was running in my primary election the first time, and outside of my community no one knew who I was; and we were out, knocking on people’s doors, we were making sure that people were being heard, and one of the things that I have realised is that, you know, when people are always running around, sometimes the best way to really look put together is a bold lip. And of course being Latina, this is, like, very much our culture where we come from. “I will wear a red lip when I need confidence, when I need a boost of confidence.”

Her skincare routine go-tos? A toner, vitamin C, and "don't play games with sunscreen".